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The pastoral system at the school is geared towards respecting and building on the individual differences of every pupil. Each of the 6 year groups has a Year Head who, together with the class tutors help students to integrate into the educational and social environment of the school.

The Special Education Department, together with the school Chaplain and Guidance Counsellor, provide additional support.

“To spend your Life doing what matters is the greatest of Achievements”

Guidance matters. It provides a listening safe place, where students discover their strengths, plan to achieve and even excel. The genuine joy of satisfaction at what they accomplish gives them renewed self- esteem.

School can be the place where our students learn they are worthwhile and where they can counter unhealthy lessons they are learning elsewhere. Guidance and or Counselling gives them that chance.

The Guidance Suite is open for all our students, newcomers to seniors and frequently past pupils seeking career change or simply a chat. All are welcome to make full use of the technology and career literature.

The uniqueness of the individual’s need, be it personal or educational, their varied talents and different cultural backgrounds, forms the tapestry of our work.

As School Chaplain I am in the very privileged position of being able to walk part of life’s journey with the teachers, pupils, parents, staff and management of Ballincollig Community School. I have shared in people’s sorrow, joy, anger and pain.

First Years often ask me, what does the chaplain do? My simple answer is, I am there for everyone.

In an increasingly complex world where everyone is under more and more pressure I offer a safe haven where people can be themselves, vent their anger, cry their tears and express their hopes.

As chaplain I see Christ as my model and I try to answer the call to be a witness to His presence within the school community, bringing His love joy peace and justice, to each situation I’m in and each encounter I have.

I am here to invite, to encourage but never to force myself on people. Like Jesus on the road to Emmaus, I try to meet people in their present situation, I walk with them, I invite them to a fuller life in Christ. I acknowledge their fears hopes and needs, and I accompany those who wish to have a closer relationship with the Lord.

Jean Vanier sums this up in another way in his book The Body Broken – Journey to Wholeness. He says: It is important to approach people in their brokenness and littleness gently so gently, not forcing yourself upon them but accepting them as they are with humility and respect.

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