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Online Classroom Etiquette

Written By: Marie Kiely / Apr 27,2020

Online Classroom Video Etiquette Guidelines for Students 

Ensure your technology is working correctly before entering the class.

School rules apply when you are communicating with your teacher and fellow class members.

Mute yourself when you first join the meeting and when you are not speaking.

Set up in as bright a place as possible and frame the camera correctly. Others can see the background of your space so choose it carefully.

Remember you are on camera and everything you do can be seen by others.

Do not multitask or do other things while on a class call.

Wear appropriate clothing.

Do not rely on body language in a class. Speak clearly.

In order to create a secure and happy learning environment we trust that our students will show respect at all times.

Finally we would like to remind students that The Code of Behaviour applies when using any digital platform and in any communication with your teachers. (Please see front of journal for The Code of Behaviour)

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